by: Nick Vassilev –> –> If you are fortunate enough to obtain hold of possibly The Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge produced in the united states in 1891, or else the selection of assistance and guidance obtained and edited out of this in Therapies, Potions and Razzmatazz by Don Roberts, you are set for a treat of assistance and enjoyment. For those who arent therefore fortunate to discover these guides, here is an overview of some household tips from 1891. Kitchens have long been the heart of the home, and that was no exclusion in 1891. While their kitchens werent fairly as high in electric devices, chrome and sometimes even wood (hard oiled timber was the proposed floor in kitchens), they nevertheless realized the value of keeping kitchens and kitchen uses clean and glowing. Heres some of the ways they achieved it: to avoid tea kettles becoming encrusted inside, keep an oyster shell inside it. The theory is the fact that the cover may attract all the particles so the contaminants dont wind up covering the kettle. To clean the surface (possibly) of a tea-kettle, erase it with oil (and presumably wash the kerosene off afterwards). Produce A particular silver soap for washing gold articles by mixing half a pound of detergent, 3T of turpentine (ideally the place-sourced kind) and fifty per cent of a glass of water.

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After cooking this for ten minutes, include 6T of spirits of hartshorn (known nowadays as ammonium carbonate). This, liquid that was bubbly that was soapy ought to be used-to scrub objects that were silver. Steel kettles may be washed using a blend of sodium and vinegar applied on as being an insert then cleaned down. gift basket of food For steel and iron that isnt stainless, you are able to retain it from rusting with a superior wipe with oil before stocking it. This technique wasn’t simply encouraged for ovens that have been not likely to be properly used over summer (we often overlook nowadays what having a coal-fired stove in the home might have been like during summer warmth), and also for village/garden uses which might be going to be stored untouched for some time. The standard approach to cleansing containers by swirling lead shot around included wasn’t proposed, due to the risk of lead poisoning, particularly if one of the pellets got caught in the package or decanter that would be used for alcoholic products which could dissolve the lead. Before storing its upside down, instead, wood ash and hot water was encouraged whilst the mix to shake around in a very bottle and open before use, or-else sliced raw potato.

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Contemporary people can however attempt the very first secret, but changing material shot or (grease-free) ball bearings rather than leadst contemporary people would rather to remain away from the assistance presented for cleansing porcelain china: strong acidity, sometimes sulphuric or hydrochloric. Although solid acids and alkalis are accustomed to scour milking devices in professional milk operations, many homeowners would like in order to avoid these harmful and harsh chemicals while dishwasher powder is fairly rough. a sheriffs viewpoint on achieving true Its safer to follow hot soapy water completely clean glass, the book shows that coldwater is way better for washing glassware, since it provides a more shining finish. Knives which are going to be located absent for quite a while must be washed and dried completely, then dusted with wood ash and rolled up in document for storagee notion of recycling and recycling isnt new. The book suggests many home utilizes for paper that is used. The primary of those is by using it for window cleaning and glass-cleaning, and also to buff-up and renting vs buying a home essay dried cutlery (seems like paper towels but who claims you cant employ outdated magazine for this?). Brown-paper is excellent to wrap-around pickle and jam jars, or for plugging the covers.

To ensure that all styles blend, heat carefully.

The other uses for old, used documents inside the book really are a bit less in of the regular, such even creating a form of floor by sticking several papers together then wallpapering the top over, or as deploying it as carpet underlay. Reminiscent of the stereotype of the tramp on the park counter, the guide also recommends using document being an added layer of bedding during winter, and putting a flattened magazine down your front when riding in freezing windy weather (doubtless, they intended positioning newspaper down your waistcoat while riding a moose, however it works in the coat while cycling, also). Whilst it isnt thus much akitchen cleaning suggestion, the formula given to make your personal chewinggum is one which desires driving. The blend demands 2 oz balsam of tolu (a kind of balsam of Peru with vanilla and nutmeg flavours), 1 oz white sugar and 3 oz oatmeal. Alleviate the balsam in water, then blend one other materials in. Form in icing sugar and roll. A try if you can get balsam of Peru or balsam of tolu. Regarding The Publisher Vassilev is the Manager and owner of TSD Services Ltd – a business offering a wide array of carpet cleaning services

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John and that I lost our parents and essay writing services toronto two sisters in acar collision about 10 years ago. Sam were close, when you generally know, before the collision. marian mcpartland s piano jazz We generally celebrated holidays together and of course we discussed to time between holiday occasions from time. Once we dropped the remainder our family that summertime a decade ago, but that transformed. Mike and I soon discovered that going back to our parents household was ways to somehow maintain our household together. For your past 9 years Sam and I resided in our parents residence, and became much closer than we ever had during our early years or our childhood. And I do not know how I’ll keep going without Jan to that particular property there. I’ll miss him very much.

Nobody really wants to notice the strike-by-blow accounts of your escapades that are pungent.

Jan was an extremely peaceful individual because so many of you understand. He never loved to get the interest of anybody dedicated to him. He was not proud and kind, but for all his humble and quiet ways, he was among the many activity -loaded accomplishers I’ve previously recognized. John never exhausted. Idon’t believe he rested significantly. Especially when you understand he accomplished in that time that is little. It is still hard to think that as John did, a person who had the maximum amount of electricity can be eliminated now. In so many techniques, Mike was not mortal in my experience. Once I think of Sam, locate here I think about lifetime that is limitless.

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He was innovative, so brilliant and so living – but calmly so. He didn’t require bundle or fame or identification to understand that what he was entered upon was a very important thing. He only knew. For several of you who’ve gone to the house, guess what happens after all. One of many bedrooms was quietly converted to his art studio when Mike became considering oil painting. He would paint upon stop all day. Frequently only eating if I introduced him food.

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So when you realize, his craft was unbelievable. But he never exhibited it. I am aware he gave a few of you paintings. He believed you liked them, in order that they were yours. Prize these paintings today. Again, when John realized that our world was the information era. Quietly and without wrongdoing your house had another room converted to an office. Not to mention right away in any respect, that office was filled with computer equipment along with a work-bench where pc components and devices were all in various phases of building. Quickly the room was brightened by a bookshelf filled up with reference manuals.

Dancing that is reward is actually a form of remembering god.

It was not too long after that, John a brilliant architect with a great vocation, hung certifications. You understand, them merely tacked towards the wall. I had been the one who set more reverence to them by finding. Therefore it went with Mike. He was just an outstanding, calm pro who might do whatever he decided. Nevertheless he was additionally there for his friends. I know there were a great number of times when each of you discovered peace in warm delicate ways or friendship or Janis guidance.

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And he was person’s kind who did not force his suggestions or ideas on you. He made his own review regarding the circumstance and simply listened. Should you thought we would do something. Which was your decision. Your house is not truly full now. I am the Hendricks Family’s only heir. I’ll do my better to carry my loved ones – & most especially, Sam’s tones -. Recognition and love him too – carry his character with you. He is considerably immortal once you consider John, consider however of infinity and immortality since tome, although he perished at the age of 38.

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October 2, 2013.

To the average person, that date holds no special significance. However, it was one of the worst days of my life.

October 2, 2013, I almost lost my friend P.W.

“Your friend had a heart attack! My body went numb as the doctors, rushed her to the operating room.

I couldn’t remember if I ever told P.W. “I love you.”

Three simple words. How easily we say those words to our parents, spouses, significant others, children even our pets.

What about our friends? How often do we let them know, how we feel? Why do we wait until it’s too late?

I’ve always believed the old saying “Actions speak louder than words”. You name an event, family barbeque, wedding, baby shower, funeral; I was always there, giving love and support to my friends.

There was no need to say the words; they knew how I felt.

That was my mantra, until Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

P.W. and I had been friends and co-workers, at a large insurance company in Chicago, for over ten years. We sat catacomb from each other, sharing the everyday laughter and tears of our personal and professional lives.

As the week of September 23th came to a close, we ended Friday with our usual: “Hey girl, have a good weekend-I’ll see you on Monday”.

There was no need to say more. She knew how I felt.

I arrived to work, on Monday, September 30th, find P.W.’s empty desk. My first thought…she was taking the day off. As I settled in for another day of processing claims, the buzzing of P.W.’s number flashed across my cell phone, snapping me out of my zone.

“Enjoying your day off?” I asked with envy.

“Not really, I’m in the hospital,” P.W. replied weakly,

I rambled, “What! Are you okay? Do you need anything?” as my heart started beating a mile a minute

“I’m fine,” she replied trying to reassure me. “It’s just food poisoning. The doctor plans on releasing me today.”

My heart slowly beat a sigh of relief. “Take it easy and call me, if you need anything.”

There was no need to say more. She knew how I felt.

On October 2, 2013, I arrived at work to find P.W. busy at work. I immediately made a beeline to her desk fussing the entire time.”What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at home?”

“I just came in to do a little work,” she replied, slightly slumped to her right side.

“You need to go home. Why are you so hard headed!” I snapped, walking away in total frustration.

There was no need to say more. She knew how I felt.

I walked across the hall to confirm a meeting. I was gone only five minutes, when I returned to the concerned look on our Director’s face.”P.W. is sick again. We’ve called an ambulance!”

“What?” I stammered, completely stunned.

“Go in the ladies room and keep her calm until the ambulance arrives,” he stated with a calm sense of urgency.

I rushed to the ladies room, stunned to see P.W. sitting on the bench drenched in sweat. “My chest hurts and my hands feel numb,” she replied in short breaths.

“You’re going to be fine,” I reassured her, wiping away the sweat with a cold compress. “It’s just the lingering symptoms of the food poisoning”. As the paramedics placed her on the stretcher, I gave her a reassuring thumb up.

There was no need to say more. She knew how I felt.

The paramedics continued working on P.W. in the ambulance. The sirens were blaring, as we pulled in front of the emergency entrance. I once again gave her reassuring thumbs up.

There was no need to say more. She knew how I felt.

I gathered her personal items and stood helpless, as the emergency room doctors took over. “She’ll be fine! It’s just food poisoning!” I was almost convinced, until the doctor’s words rocked me to the core. “Your friend had a heart attack! We’re taking to surgery for to insert a stint”.

There was a need to say more, much more.

As I sat in the waiting room, trying to offer comfort to her family, my mind kept repeating the same questions over and over. Did I ever let her know, how much she meant to me as a mentor? Did I let her know, how much I appreciated her friendship? Did I every say, I love you?

As we sat in the waiting room, each minute seemed like an hour. I pushed away any thoughts of her dying. Instead, I made a silent promise to myself, not to leave the hospital until P.W. knew how I felt.

The doctor’s words snapped me back to reality. “You can go up and see her.” The doctor calmly stated.

Relief rushed over the faces of P.W.’s family hearing the good news. I intended on waiting my turn to see P.W., until her mom took my hand and replied,” You’re family too”.

I didn’t know, what to expect, as I slowly entered her room. The tears started to flow down my face, as P.W. slowly opened her eyes.

“I love you”. I told her, keeping my promise.

Happy Endings

P.W.’s story had a happy ending. She’s back to work, after making a full recovery.

I tell this story, not to be sad or morbid, but to emphasize: Let them know!   If you have a friend or family member that’s been on your mind, pick up the phone and let them know!

If someone has been a mentor and confidant to you, let them know!

Remember, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.

Pick up the phone, plan an outing or send a card. Just let them know, before it’s too late!




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I lay in bed tossing and turning unable to sleep.  Yet, dreading the dawn of the next day.  Why?  Because morning brings the reality of my daddy’s funeral.  I don’t want to go!  I want the day to be over, dammit!.  Vicodin  and numbness is the only thing I want to experience.

So many things are running through my mind.  Is he suffering? Is he at peace? How will he look?  What, if he doesn’t look like daddy?  I fear that image the most.  It’s crazy, but I’m haunted by images of my own father.  I haven’t had a peaceful nights sleep or piece of mind since he passed.  I pray, “God please give me peace of mind”.

As I finally drift off to sleep, the sound of slow footsteps renders me semi-conscious.  I assume it’s our seven year old daughter making her nightly attempt to snuggle. Waking up is not an option, since it took so long for me to fall asleep.  Time passes, but I don’t feel the weight of her body crawling between us.  Nor do I hear the footsteps creaking on the hardwood floors. Instead, the footsteps are slow and steady.

I lay on my back waiting for her sweet kiss on my cheeks, but it never comes.  Instead…I feel a whisper of a kiss across my lips.  I’m not afraid.  I don’t stir or wake-up.  I’m at peace and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

“Good-bye Daddy”.




Author Veronica Fay’s book is a powerful story about murder, love, painful secrets and overcoming obstacles.

Successful defense attorney Gemini Jones had to overcome many obstacles in her life including being labeled “crazy”.  She has managed to put her painful past behind her until one day as she is celebrating one of her many wins, she hears of a murder that threatens to turn her world upside down.

David Ban the first African American candidate for governor and the most beloved politician in the black community is gunned down; and Savannah Wooten a successful business woman is accused of the crime.

This emotionally motivated murder will force Gemini to relive her painful pas as she defends her client, and may destroy the stability she has fought so long to maintain, as her pas comes knocking.


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Gemini Jones